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Each month we produce a magazine, "The Over Alderley and Birtles Monthly Messsenger", this being the title used for the first parish magazine produced from 1892 to 1908 by the second Vicar of Birtles, The Revd Henry Waldron Bradley.

Here are some snippets ...

More than 100 years ago ...

In November 1901 there was great concern regarding the schoolmaster, Mr Kellett, who was gravely ill. He had served the Over Alderley School for nine years and was held in high regard. He was also much involved in the work of Birtles Church.

To cover the absence of Mr Kellett a temporary appointment had been made, a Mr Augustus Rhees, from Carlisle. A very experienced man he was previously the headmaster of the Boys Department at All Saints’, Margaret Street in London. Mt Bradley remarks that Mr Rhees should feel at home in Birtles Church as the ornamentation and colouring of our walls is a copy of that in All Saints’.

News from abroad was that Lieutenant Charles Brooks, 5th Dragoon Guards and at that time in South Africa, was to be going to India before long. Saying that it will be some time before he sees Birtles again he sent his regards and congratulations to the cricket team.

Football had started again and was said to have “caught on amongst our lads” and they practised in Mr A Hulme’s field on moonlight nights. Mr Bradley makes a cryptic comment ... "Our team is to play Chelford on Saturday 2nd. The field of battle being conveniently situated near to Dr Sheppard’s."

The death of Mr William Priest of Whirley Hall Farm at the age of 78 is recorded. Born at nearby Birch Tree Farm he came from many generations of local farmers. Mr Bradley comments that with him went one more link to the Hibberts, although that is not explained. However, we do know the Hibberts owned much property in the area and at the time that included Whirley Hall.
It was noted that Mr Priest, a Methodist, was well regarded for his quiet and exemplary conduct.  He was buried at Alderley churchyard.

The Parish Tea Party was planned for the 27th and as usual these events were much anticipated. The programme would start with tea and then the entertainments which were to include songs and music and would be followed by acting.

Prices - tea and entertainment 1/- - tea only 6d.
The 1/- seats could be reserved beforehand.


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