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Each month we produce a magazine, "The Over Alderley and Birtles Monthly Messsenger", this being the title used for the first parish magazine produced from 1892 to 1908 by the second Vicar of Birtles, The Revd Henry Waldron Bradley.

Here are some snippets from the original ...

More than 100 years ago ... 

August 1905 when the Vicar and the Hon. Mrs Bradley were about to set off on four weeks holiday to Somerset, London, Hertford and Lincolnshire. During that time the Rev R C Carter from Maidenhead would reside at the vicarage and take the Sunday services.

With health matters being so current it is interesting to read of a development in 1905…
“A District Nurse for the Birtles, Over Alderley and Whirley District - in addition to the one now nursing in the Thorneycroft and Alderley District - is to be started this month. It is good news and we have to thank Lady Stanley of Alderley. She and Mrs Thorneycroft and Mrs Noel Lee will have the Management, and the following are to be the rules :-

I – Every person who subscribes to the District Nurse at the following scale is entitled to the free services of the Nurse for himself or family provided the subscription has been paid.
Class A - Small farmers and cottagers, 2/- a year.
Class B - Farmers and tradesmen, 5/- to £1 a year.
II – The nurse is not permitted to take presents or money from patients or their friends. “Thank offerings” can be sent to Mrs Thorneycroft or Mrs Noel Lee.
Non-subscribers can obtain the services of the nurse on payment of threepence a visit.
III – The nurse does not attend infectious cases. She may act as a midwife when an extra fee of 5/- will be charged to subscribers; non - subscribers will be charged 7/6.”
The article continues with details for making payments and the management of the scheme.

The cricket season continued with four matches reported, those against Prestbury (Mr Bradley suffered the indignity of being bowled by the Vicar of Prestbury in that match!) Macclesfield Hovis and Alderley Edge United were all won. The match against Mossley Congleton Cricket Club was lost by just five runs.

The Birtles Church Choir Outing to the Shrewsbury Flower Show was scheduled for Thursday August 24th and in Mr Bradley’s absence Mr Read was in charge of arrangements.

The Sunday School Summer treat had already taken place on the 29th July in the Gymnasium at Birtles Hall.


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