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Each month we produce a magazine, "The Over Alderley and Birtles Monthly Messsenger", this being the title used for the first parish magazine produced from 1892 to 1908 by the second Vicar of Birtles, The Revd Henry Waldron Bradley.

Here are some snippets from the original ...

More than 100 years ago ... 

In the previous month Mr Bradley had been in a very serious mood but come June 1905 things were much lighter. The big event being looked forward to was the Parish Fete to be held on Whit Monday in Mr Hatton’s field near the Black Greyhound. The band would commence the proceedings at 3 pm until the “Grand Tea” in the Reading Room at 4:30 followed by games and dancing in the field. The band would play until 7:30 pm. The usual fall-back arrangement in case of rain was that everything would move to the Reading Room. We know from the July “Messenger” that wasn’t necessary as the day was crowned with glorious weather.

The long awaited Confirmation service had taken place at Prestbury Church and it appears Mr Bradley filled the role of Bishop’s Chaplain on the occasion. Twenty young people from Birtles were confirmed and the list of names included one Joshua Birtles, a much loved and hard-working church member who many of us remember with great affection. In later years “Josh” was the inspiration for the character “Gowther Mossock” in Alan Garner’s book “The Weirdstone of Brisingamen”. Following the confirmation, all the newly confirmed were urged to attend the next Holy Communion at St Catherine’s and Mr Bradley suggested that there were others who had become neglectful in their own attendance might take the opportunity to set a good example and join them.

The Easter Vestry Meeting had been held and as usual most of the church officers were simply reappointed unlike nowadays where some rotation is encouraged. The structure was quite different with the appointment of one person as the Vicar’s Warden and another as the People’s Warden. Two sidesmen were also elected. There didn’t appear to be a treasurer as such or a secretary. Financial matters were the remit of the wardens.

Cricket matches had commenced and the first four hadn’t been a good start for Birtles, although the match against Macclesfield Baptists, the only one in which Mr Bradley played, was won, those against Macclesfield Congregationalists, Mottram and finally Alderley Edge United were all lost.


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