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Each month we produce a magazine, "The Over Alderley and Birtles Monthly Messsenger", this being the title used for the first parish magazine produced from 1892 to 1908 by the second Vicar of Birtles, The Revd Henry Waldron Bradley.

Here are some snippets ...

More than 100 years ago ... 

November 1903 saw the start of afternoon services rather than in the evening and Mr Bradley assured his flock that the church would be warm now the new heating system was in use. Events were always planned around moonlit nights as dark nights were indeed dark in those days. The Sunday Evening School-room services were due to commence on the 1st of November with Rev J G Elstub as the preacher.

The first big event coming up was the Parish Entertainment when local talent would once again be on display including Mr Bradley singing a song “Just in the Usual Way”.  Looking at the programme, local families such as the Read’s, Postles and the Close Brooks were to be mainstays of the event.

Next would be the wedding of Miss Close Brooks to Mr Percy Ashworth of Bolton which was to take place on Thursday 19th November. Because of the small size of the church, guests were restricted to relatives and presumably some close friends. If the weather permitted, Miss Close Brooks would leave her carriage at the Park drive and walk up the private pathway (former rear gate) to the church giving parishioners a chance to see her.

The Harvest Festival was described as being a great success being well attended and with inspirational visiting speakers. The collections amounting to six pounds were divided between “our Hospital and Home Mission causes”.

Some time back we noted that the vicarage had no piped water supply and a scheme had been started to raise funds to allow the work to be done. Following a donation of £25 from a Chester Diocesan fund, work had commenced although a further £10 was still needed to cover the cost. The six vicarage servants would no doubt be glad to be relieved of the task of carrying water every day, possibly from Church Cottage, then owned by the church, which had been used for the first incumbent until the vicarage was renovated.


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